Auto Accident

auto-accidentInjuries suffered as a result of automobile accidents can be severe and life altering.  People involved in serious auto accidents can suffer cervical and back sprains, burns to the head and face, nerve damage, spinal cord paralysis, brain damage, broken or dislocated bones, and/or cognitive difficulties. Treatment for the various injuries that can arise can range from conservative physical therapy treatment all the way through serious surgery with permanent damage for life.     

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries because of another's negligence use of an automobile, you may have a claim against that person or their insurance carrier for your injuries and damages.  In order to properly handle an automobile negligence case, a proper investigation into the wreck and the extent of damages is a must.  Clients need and deserve a lawyer with extensive experience in these types of cases who knows and understands the tricks and tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying fair compensation.

Compensation for an auto injury claim may include payment for medical bills, the cost of future care and treatment, lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent disability or impairment, and possibly property damage.

Just because a person at fault does not have insurance or adequate coverage for your damages does not necessarily mean you cannot be fully compensated by judgment or settlement.  Most individuals have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with their automobile liability insurance.  This type of insurance requires your insurance company to step into the shoes of the uninsured/underinsured defendant and pay your damages when the defendant's insurance is not sufficent to cover your damages.  In Tennessee, specific laws apply to handling a case in which uninsured/underinsured coverage is involved.  These laws can be complex and require familiarity and experience in order to maximize your recovery.

The lawyers at the The Matthews Firm, PLLC have extensive experience in dealing with auto collision cases and the complex insurance procedures that can be involved.  Don't ever accept what an insurance company is willing to offer you without first speaking with a lawyer to determine whether it's a fair amount.  

REMEMBER: The statute of limitations in Tennessee for personal injury cases is generally one year from the date of the accident.  If you believe you may have a claim for personal injuries arising out of an automobile accident, don't delay in contacting an experienced lawyer to learn your rights.  


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