In this day and age, most cases settle before trial. However, the threat of going to trial must be there before an insurance company will treat a claim fairly. The Matthews Firm, unlike some, begins every case as if it were going to trial. This results in extensive investigation and trial preparation. Because we take this approach, we are not pressured by insurance companies into taking subpar settlements. The firm has a strong record of success at trial, and insurance companies know this, which stops them from getting away with paying less that what your claim is worth. For over 30 years our lawyers have been securing quality verdicts and settlements across Middle Tennessee.

Below are just a few verdicts and settlements representing some of our past work.  Note, every case is different and many factors go into the potential value or success of a case, including amounts of available insurance coverage and limits on damage awards enacted by the Tennessee Legislature.  The results on this site are NOT intended to guarantee similar results in your case.  The only way to properly evaluate your case is to speak with a lawyer. To find out if you have a case, call our Firm to set up a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

This case arose from an automobile liability insurance company's refusal to provide coverage under its policy, citing an exclusion.  The plaintiffs filed suit against the insurance company claiming bad faith and a violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act seeking compensatory and punitive damages.  After three days of trial, a Maury County jury found the insurance company to be guilty of bad faith and to have willfully and knowingly violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act and awarded punitive damages.  The trial court entered judgment against the insurance company and awarded attorneys fees.

***The Defendant has appealed the judgment to the Tennessee Court of Appeals, which may result in a reversal of the judgment.

The driver for defendant trucking company had overturned his truck on the interstate at night. The truck driver failed to place any type of markers to warn other drivers of the truck on the road, which prevented plaintiff from seeing the truck in time to avoid a collision and violently strike the truck. Plaintiff suffered severe injuries resulting in paralysis. Plaintiff settled with the last defendant after a week of trial.

A fifty-four year old man was admitted to a hospital for treatment of flu-like symptoms. Over a twenty-four hour period, his condition worsened to bi-lateral pneumonia and he began to rapidly decline. Despite requests from family, the nursing staff refused to contact the treating doctor, which ultimately led to the patient’s death. After the patient died, the nurses falsified records. The family, understandably so, did not want their loved one’s death to be drawn out by litigation and chose to settle the case against the nurses and hospital.

Defendant failed to maintain their property in a safe manner and violated local municipal building codes. The defendant’s negligence caused plaintiff to fall from a walkway ramp suffering severe and disabling injuries.

Defendant truck driver negligently struck a mother’s car resulting in her death. Surviving husband and children brought suit against the driver and trucking company.

Plaintiff collided with tractor-trailer truck when truck driver negligently pulled out into plaintiff’s lane. The client suffered severe injuries, including a fractured skull and permanent impairment to one knee and wrist.

Defendant doctor failed to refer eighty-four year old female patient to urologist, which would have resulted in a diagnosis of bladder cancer.

Plaintiff fell at a local convenience store because of an unmarked, abrupt change in elevation on the walking surface causing severe injuries and over $40,000 in medical expenses.

The Defendant medical provider failed to diagnose and treat a patient that presented with a lethal overdose of potassium chloride.

Family of a deceased patient filed suit against the patient’s doctor for his failure to diagnose the decedent’s testicular cancer, despite complaints and symptoms of the patient over a long period of time demonstrating signs of cancer.

Plaintiff was involved in a head-on collision with tractor-trailer truck when its driver crossed the center-line striking his motorcycle. The plaintiff suffered closed head injuries with a traumatic brain injury.

Employees of Defendant, concert promoter, negligently placed equipment cables across the dark aisles at a concert, which caused our client to fall and suffer a fractured hip requiring surgery and causing her to incur over $100,000 in medical bills.

Three plaintiffs in auto accident when defendant driver negligently pulled out in front of their car.

Plaintiffs, husband and wife, were rear-ended by defendant driver, which caused them to both suffer soft tissue injuries and nerve damage.

The plaintiff sued a national pizza delivery chain for injuries received when one of its employee drivers attacked the plaintiff customer. The jury found total damages to be $500,000, and assessed 30% fault against the plaintiff. The case settled after trial for a confidential amount.

The plaintiff fell because of an abrupt change in elevation in walking surface at a national chain store, which resulted in disabling injuries.

Plaintiff was involved in auto accident and settled with defendant’s insurance company. Defendant Insurance company delayed and committed bad faith in paying settlement. Plaintiff was able to recover double the original settlement amount.

Family of four in head-on collision when defendant driver negligently came into plaintiff’s lane.

Auto accident where the plaintiff was rear-ended by a negligent driver causing severe physical and neurological injuries.

Plaintiff filed suit after a drunk driver struck plaintiffs vehicle head-on causing significant damage.

Plaintiff was injured when defendant negligently allowed his/her vehicle to violently rear-end plaintiff’s car, which resulted in traumatic injuries and causing our client to incur over $35,000 in medical expenses.

Plaintiff was passenger in car when defendant driver lost control and crashed into our client’s vehicle.

The plaintiff sued the defendant department store after slipping on some clothes hangers the store employees negligently left in the floor causing serious physical injuries and causing the plaintiff to incur substantial medical expenses.

Defendant casino operator failed to warn patrons of wet floor causing plaintiff to fall and suffer disabling injuries. Plaintiff filed suit against the casino for her injuries. The case was settled during trial.

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